View of a slice of a Christmas Cake on a plate

Traditional Christmas Cake Recipe

How to make a traditional Christmas Cake at home?

With the onset of December, Christmas shopping and bake sales have sky-rocketed. At Benny Boyd CDJ in Lampasas, TX, we believe that the best part of Christmas is the smell of fresh pine trees and the aroma of the Christmas cake being baked in the oven. Today, we at Benny Boyd CDJ are here to tell you how to make a traditional Christmas cake at home. Continue reading for the recipe.

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Close up view of the side angle of the 2020 Toyota Avalon

Used Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in Lampasas, TX

Where to find used Hybrid and Electric vehicles in Lampasas, TX?

Hybrid and Electric vehicles are the town’s rage now, and purchasing a used hybrid, and electric vehicle ensures that you get pocket-friendly cars that suit you best. Benny Boyd CDJ tells you where to find used hybrid and electric vehicles in Lampasas, TX. Continue reading for more details.

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